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What are the key ingredients for business success? Valuable products or services, a healthy sales pipeline, engaged employees, great design…?

Chances are that last item made you stop and think. That’s because people don’t always equate design with the bottom line. But they should. When it comes to visual content (be it a website, promotional materials, or whatever), design matters. Here are three reasons to invest in design:

1. Great design = great first impression
We humans have a knack for judging a book by its cover. We make snap decisions and form opinions the instant we meet someone or encounter a brand for the first time. In fact, research by Google has found that people typically judge a website within the first 50 milliseconds. In other words, first impressions are critical. By investing in great design, you make those milliseconds count.

2. Great design conveys what your business stands for
Want to make meaningful connections with your customers and communicate your brand identity in a seemingly effortless way? Design is the answer. Say, for example, you’re a young, vibrant technology company that embraces innovation. You could repeat this identity over and over again on your website to really hammer the message home. But a much more effective method is to opt for a vibrant website design, complete with bold colours, interesting font and a smart, modern layout. It’s the design equivalent of the old writer’s mantra, ‘show, don’t tell’!

3. Great design distinguishes you from your competitors
Imagine you’re faced with a choice between two companies, both offering a similar service package and benefits, both priced competitively. Company A has a well-designed, attractive website, while Company B’s website is an eyesore. You’d probably plump for the business that’s invested in design – partly because, as humans, we’re drawn to things that are beautiful, and partly because, if a company scrimps on design, it makes you wonder what else they scrimp on.

If you’d like to discuss how great design can help your business succeed, talk to OCTOPUS. With our passion for design, we’ll work with you to create a fantastic first impression, effortlessly convey your brand identity and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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