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From articles and web copy to emails and white papers, well-written content gets your business noticed. Which is probably why you’re investing in copywriting in the first place! But are you getting maximum value from your content? Could it work harder for you?

We’ve got three tips to get the most out of your copywriting.

1. Create a consistent tone of voice
Tone of voice communicates your company’s character and demonstrates what customers can expect from your brand. So it’s vital your content uses a consistent voice – and that this consistent voice is the right fit for your business. To ensure this, you can create tone of voice guidelines to inform all of your company’s comms, both internal and external.

2. Follow regular themes
If you’ve ever found yourself scrabbling around for an article topic or pulling newsletter subjects out of thin air at the last minute, this tip is for you. Try to map out a list of core themes that track to your products/services and your audience’s needs. For example, an accountancy firm’s core themes might be tax, pensions, payroll and cashflow.

You can then use these themes to plan specific topics in advance and create an easy-to-follow content schedule. Not only does this take the headache out of copywriting, it also helps you be more strategic with your content.

3. Make sure your copywriting and comms are properly joined up
Last but certainly not least, it’s really important to ensure your valuable content informs the rest of your marketing comms, across all different formats (written and otherwise). Let’s say our example accountancy firm publishes an article on cashflow. This content could easily be repurposed into social media updates, an email campaign, a SlideShare presentation for clients, or even a YouTube video.

In other words, your copywriting can – and should – be the lynchpin of all your marketing comms. This is an extremely effective way to level up your business content.

One of the benefits of working with a marketing partner like OCTOPUS is we’ll help you get maximum value from your copywriting. This means we’ll work with you to define a consistent tone of voice, identify core themes and plan content accordingly, and repurpose your content across multiple channels. Discover more benefits of working with OCTOPUS.

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