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No doubt you’re familiar with networking events; you see them promoted on a regular basis for business communities to come together in large or intimate groups either face-to-face or online.  Inevitably, those larger format gatherings lead to more personal one-to-ones – a private, focused interaction between two individuals – but we also encourage you to instigate 121’s outside of networking events, by reaching out to your wider business community.

Here are 7 reasons to schedule regular 121 meetings in your long-term marketing plan:

  1. Build trust and rapport: Having dedicated time to converse, individuals get to know each other better and on a deeper level.  Business talk may extend to family and hobbies, which helps build trust, rapport and meaningful relationships.
  2. Networking and collaboration: 121 meetings provide an opportunity to explore potential collaboration, partnerships, or business opportunities in a more detailed manner.
  3. Understanding needs and offerings: You gain a deeper understanding of each other’s business needs, services and products, which leads to more effective and genuine referrals and recommendations.
  4. Tailored advice and feedback: Individuals can offer and receive personalised advice and feedback, which can be more specific and useful than in larger group settings.
  5. Strengthening connections: Regular 121 meetings help maintain and strengthen business connections, ensuring that relationships remain active and beneficial.
  6. Clarifying goals and objectives: These meetings can be used to align on mutual goals, set expectations and create actionable plans for future collaboration and business introductions.
  7. Problem solving and support: 121’s provide a space to discuss challenges and seek support or solutions to challenges from a trusted business peer.

By scheduling dedicated time for private, focused interactions, 121’s build trust and rapport, allowing individuals to understand each other’s needs and offerings more thoroughly.  This leads to more effective referrals, tailored advice and personalised feedback.

At OCTOPUS Marketing, we’re on the road every week nurturing our business relationships through informal 121 meetings.  If you fancy meeting for a coffee, reach out to us and we’ll put a date in the diary.

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