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Multichannel marketing means interacting with your customers using a combination of communication channels. Take a piece of content you’ve written or have paid for a copywriter to pen. What do you do with it? To maximise its visibility and the time and financial investment you’ve made, that one piece of content should be published in multiple ways:

  • Website news
  • Social media updates
  • Newsletter
  • Email campaign
  • Sales proposal
  • PR
  • Literature (flyer, brochure etc)
  • Advertising

Why is multichannel marketing important?
You need to be visible to your customers – and your customers are everywhere! By communicating the same message (or version of that message) using a variety of relevant channels, you’ll get your product or service noticed.

Map out your touchpoints
A touchpoint is a message that ‘touches’ a customer in some way. According to online reports, it takes between six and ten touchpoints for your message to be noticed by an individual so it’s important those touchpoints are mapped out and consistently delivered in a timely way.

Creating a successful multichannel marketing strategy isn’t easy on your own. But we have the experts you need to map out the right approach for your business. Take the first step by giving us a call.

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