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Keeping your marketing active during times of business disruption can be a real challenge. But having a well-crafted marketing strategy, accompanied by a detailed marketing plan, certainly makes it easier.

Here’s why you need both a marketing strategy and a plan – especially now.

Aren’t the marketing strategy and marketing plan the same thing?
Nope. They’re different, but closely related. In very simple terms, the marketing strategy is all about thinking, while the marketing plan is all about doing.

Your marketing strategy is where you define your audience and value proposition (i.e. who you’re aiming at and how your business benefits them). This is also where you identify what differentiates your business from the competition.

Having done that, the marketing plan is where you put the strategy into action. At this point, you identify how (and where) you’ll reach your target audience, and how you’ll deliver your message. This will include creating, scheduling and delivering marketing campaigns across various channels.

You really need both aspects to get the most out of your marketing. It’s pointless having a strategy if it doesn’t translate into action, and there’s little value in taking action if you haven’t first worked out who you want to talk to and what you want to say!

Is now really the best time for all this?
Absolutely. We’d argue that effective marketing is more important than ever. Perhaps you’re having to find new ways to reach customers, now that life for most of us has moved online. Perhaps you need more compelling ways to communicate your value proposition as customers tighten their belts. Perhaps your business goals have changed, or new opportunities have come to light in recent weeks. Perhaps you just need more bang for your marketing buck, as budgets get squeezed.

Now more than ever, your marketing has to work. That’s why you need an effective marketing strategy and plan. If you already have a marketing strategy and plan, now’s a great time to review them, just to make sure you’re still getting maximum value for your business.

At OCTOPUS, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes to define, drive and deliver their marketing strategy and plan. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to keep your marketing active, or if your marketing could do with a refresh, drop us a line.

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