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As consumers, we’re well used to the idea of products being offered as part of a bundle or package. If you’re getting married, for instance, you might buy a wedding stationery package that includes invitations, RSVP cards and information cards. Or your next holiday might be a package deal with flights, accommodation and transfers.

But if you think packages are only for product-based businesses (or cheap and cheerful holidays), think again. Packages can deliver a welcome revenue boost for service-based companies, too.

What do we mean by service packages?
If you run a service business – whether it’s an IT support company, consultancy service or whatever – packages are a great way to diversify your offering and provide a more thoughtful service to your clients.

The kind of packages you offer will depend on the type of business you run and the clients you serve, but it might help to think about the processes your customers have to tackle and the various stages of the client lifecycle. An accountancy firm, for example, might offer a basic package that gives sole traders a simple accounting and invoicing system, and covers the annual tax return. Meanwhile, larger businesses might be looking for an accountancy package that includes monthly payroll and management reporting.

Why clients love packages
With a package, your clients know exactly what they’re forking out for. Because they’re paying a set fee for a set service, they can budget accurately, understand the full costs and commitment, and plan accordingly.

The fact is, sometimes, clients don’t want to pay by the hour. They don’t care about how many hours are needed to do the job – they care about what they’re getting for their money. In other words, they want results, not hours. A package offers just that: results.

Making packages work in your business
Packages aren’t about shoe-horning your service into a one-size-fits-all approach, or replacing your custom-built offering altogether. Rather, packages should be seen as an additional option, an extra string to your bow.

If you incorporate packages into your range of services, you can create new revenue streams, grow your business and allocate your own resources more effectively – while finding new ways to delight your customers.

At OCTOPUS, we help our clients explore opportunities to increase sales through packages, so why not talk to us about developing packages in your business? We’ve also been busy creating some marketing packages of our own … exciting news to follow on that next month!

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