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With so many changes happening in social media, new trends popping up every five minutes and the ever-growing demands of being present online, it’s not enough to have one in-house person running your marketing.  For small and mid-sized businesses, outsourced marketing is an increasingly attractive option – giving you more resource and greater expertise at a lower cost.

What marketing tasks can you outsource?
Before we get to the benefits, let’s quickly clarify what outsourced marketing generally covers.  The good news is you can outsource anything an in-house marketer would do (and more).  Branding, creating a marketing strategy, running marketing campaigns, managing your socials, creating content, designing (or updating) your website … these are just some of the services that external marketing firms offer.

What are the benefits?
Ah, now we get to the juicy bit: why choose outsourced marketing over internal marketing?  Why exactly is it good for business?  Here are the main selling points:

  • Reduced costs – because you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. Plus, you’re not paying all the costs that come with in-house marketing (payroll, pension contribution, holiday pay, sick pay, computer equipment, marketing software, etc.)
  • Better results – because you get access to skilled, experienced professionals for less than it costs to hire a junior marketing exec. At OCTOPUS, for example, you get director-level marketing skills at a cost-effective price.  Imagine the value that level of expertise could add to your business!
  • New ideas – because, oftentimes, an external perspective is exactly what you need to get out of a rut or to breathe new life into your marketing efforts.
  • Faster turnaround – because external marketing professionals are used to juggling multiple clients and campaigns at once. In other words, we hit the ground running.
  • Greater flexibility – because outsourced marketing can span anything from ad-hoc projects to regular marketing output, depending on your needs.

But don’t take our word for it…
Here’s what one of our clients had to say about the benefits of outsourced marketing:

Working with OCTOPUS is one of the best moves CSF has made.  Outsourcing marketing is a very cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses, and the results we have had working alongside Frances and her team have been nothing short of phenomenal.  We have seen real growth over the last 12 months and whilst it is an accumulation of many different activities, marketing has definitely been at the forefront.
– Sanj Shah, Managing Director, Car Spares Factors

Phenomenal marketing results at an affordable price?  What’s not to like?  Outsource your marketing to OCTOPUS and let us work our magic for you.

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Let’s talk about your project

Whether you need a fully outsourced marketing partner, or additional resource for your in-house marketing team, we’ve got your back.