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When did you last look at your website? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably very familiar with your own website and visit it often. But when did you last really look at it, carefully reviewing the content, design and usability of the site? If the answer is, ‘erm, a while ago’ or (go on, be honest) ‘never’, you could be doing your business a disservice.

Customers are quick to spot whether a website is dated. A site that looks old fashioned, is difficult to use, or just downright neglected. For example, no new blog posts since August 2015! speaks volumes…and not in a good way.

How can you tell whether your website might be putting customers off? Ask yourself these questions:

Is your website visually appealing?
First impressions count, so if you want your web visitors to stick around, you need a fresh, uncluttered design with up-to-date images and strong branding.

Is it easy to navigate from a visitor’s perspective?
This might be difficult to judge for yourself, so ask people you trust to test your site and give feedback. For example, can they find the information they need easily? Does the information flow intuitively? Is it easy to complete a transaction or enquiry

Does it represent you as a business today?
Businesses are constantly evolving in terms of their service or product offering, priorities, target market and vision. Does your website reflect where your business stands right now or is it a snapshot of your business three years ago?

Is it updated with fresh content?
To keep your website current and interesting, you need to add new content on a regular basis. News articles, content updates, lead magnets, case studies, testimonials and so on will all help to demonstrate that your business is active, busy and engaged.

Does it generate leads?
If your website isn’t driving new business, it could be a sign that you need more compelling lead magnets and calls to action.

Are you tracking its performance?
With tools like Google Analytics, you can monitor whether your website is working as hard as it should be – and get valuable insights that will help you develop your site in future.

Here at OCTOPUS, we help businesses stand out online. From a full redesign or a slight revamp to regular content updates, discover how we can boost your website without breaking the bank.

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