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To achieve business growth, you have to focus not just on new customer acquisition, but also customer retention. Telesales is one of the best ways of doing both. It can help you find and connect with new customers, and keep existing customers by your side.

What can you do via telesales?
Telesales involves contacting potential and existing customers by phone to inform them about your company’s products, services and offers. This can help your business:

  • Pinpoint potential customers (and identify their potential value).
  • Generate contacts for your sales team to follow up with.
  • Sell existing and potential customers on the company’s products or services.
  • Research, assess and test new markets.
  • Launch new products and services, and build audience awareness.
  • Deal with complaints or give advice in a more personal way.
  • Create, maintain and explore databases for your sales and marketing teams.

Why invest in telesales?
It’s clear you can do a lot via telesales. Yet, many of these activities can be done via other marketing and sales channels. So why invest in telesales specifically? Here are some of the biggest advantages of telesales:

  • It helps you establish direct communication with individuals.
  • It allows you to reconnect with old customers and make an impression on new customers in a more personal, memorable way.
  • It gives you first-hand information about customers and potential customers – without having to rely on intermediaries.
  • It’s instantly quantifiable. You know immediately whether the lead is interested in your product or service, or not. As such, you can focus sales efforts on the best leads.
  • It gives you a wide geographic reach, without the travel expenses.
  • It’s easy to use. After all, it’s just a case of picking up the phone!
  • It’s affordable, too. Because, again, you’re just picking up the phone.
  • Telesales builds long-term personal relationships because you can engage in conversation and naturally find out more about each other than ‘simply business’.

Given the extensive uses and benefits, why don’t more businesses invest in telesales? Probably because many of us find it awkward to pick up the phone and sell ourselves. The good news is you can outsource your telesales and still reap the same benefits.

Here at OCTOPUS, our telesales service has created many exciting opportunities for our clients – from securing meetings with new prospects, or booking product demos, to finding new tender opportunities. Give telesales a try with us.

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