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This article doesn’t need much of an introduction, so let’s get straight to the point. Here are three ideas you can implement that will help you work less and earn more (there are others; these are just a selection):

  1. Focus on fee earning activity
    Write a list of everything you do in a day. Then categorise each one with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. ‘Yes’, I will earn direct revenue if I carry out this activity or ‘no’, I will not earn direct revenue if I carry out this activity (but it’s still a nice-to-do). Focus on the yesses and prioritise the no’s for when you have more time – or delegate those tasks.
  2. Concentrate on the job in hand
    Procrastination can be a huge challenge for any business owner. An overwhelming list of things to do can result in a reduction in productivity. Couple that will office distractions – email, telephone, coffee chats, for example – and you’ll find that a percentage of your day is lost. Sometimes this can be alarmingly high. Allocate time in your diary for specific tasks and you’ll develop an efficient method of working.
  3. Increase your fees
    How long have you been working with your client base and when was the last time you increased your fees? So long as the service you’re delivering is worth the value increase, ask for more. A small percentage fee increase across the board will result in a healthier monthly revenue stream.

So, there we have it. Try these simple ideas today and let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear your feedback. And if you have any ideas of your own you’d like to share, we’d love to hear those too.

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