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You may remember from school one or two reminders from your teacher to check and review your work.  But when you’re up against the clock, have a million and one other things on your mind and just want to escape the classroom, it was tempting not to bother.

In school – and now work – doing this may lose you marks.  School grades may have suffered and the quality of your work may be affected if you don’t check and double check what you’re doing.  Attention to detail is important because it demonstrates that you care and that you’re communicating the right information.  Failure to do so can diminish your reputation for providing a quality service, which in turn can be detrimental to business.

It’s important to get things right.  Clients rely on us to pick things up quickly and take time to understand the detail and we don’t want to let them down.  No doubt, your clients expect the same from you and it’s therefore important not to disappoint.

So, before you submit your next piece of work – a proposal, piece of advice or project documents, for example – go back and check the detail.  Then ask for a fresh pair of eyes to do the same.  If you consistently get things right, you’ll be consistently relied upon.  If you consistently get things wrong, people will lose faith in you.  A little extra time now will save you an awful lot of undoing in the future.

If you need a fresh pair of eyes to review your work, ask us to put our specs on.

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