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If you want to improve your business and get more out of your time this year (what business owner doesn’t?), one of the smartest things you can do is outsource your marketing. Here are five reasons why outsourcing marketing makes sense.

1. You get easy access to specialist marketing skills
Great marketing – and by that we mean creating and delivering compelling messages that really connect with your audience – requires specialist skills. You need graphic design talent, copywriting flair and social media expertise. And that’s just for starters. Don’t forget about web design, business development and marketing strategy. A marketing agency will cover all these skills and more.

2. You invite objective opinions
One of the best things about working with an external marketing partner is, well, their ‘external-ness’ (we’re making that a word). At OCTOPUS, we work with companies to offer fresh input at a strategic level and act as an objective sounding board for ideas, free from the constraints and assumptions that can hamper internal teams. In other words, we’re not afraid to offer up new ideas and opinions that may challenge your current way of thinking.

3. Outsourcing is flexible
Lots of marketing providers offer a choice of fee options, from retained monthly fees and attractive flat-fee packages to as-and-when project work. This means you can beef up or reduce your marketing activity according to your business needs, without a huge financial commitment.

4. You can save money
Business owners often assume it’s cheaper to delegate marketing tasks to in-house team members, rather than pay for external support. However, piling more on people’s plates can reduce morale and sap productivity in the long run – especially when they don’t have any marketing training or experience. And hiring an experienced in-house marketer can be very expensive indeed. That’s why outsourcing can save money.

5. And save time
When you outsource your marketing, you allow your team to focus on other critical activities – and free up your time to concentrate on growing the business. Plus, you’ll probably find that marketing campaigns come together more quickly when handled by the experts (as opposed to you trying to fit them in around other work). This means you can reach your audience and start realising the benefits sooner.

Looking for a flexible, affordable way to outsource your marketing and achieve better results? Chat to OCTOPUS. We’re here to help you get more out of your marketing in 2020.

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