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As marketeers, one of our credentials is that we’re creative. That can instantly drum up an image of us designing nice things – logos, leaflets, websites – and you’d be right. But being creative, to us, also means (to coin an old-fashioned corporate term) ‘thinking outside the box’.

One of the best ways to be ‘creative’, in whatever form, is to take a break away from your computer and other electronic devices. Allow yourself time and headspace to think. Our Director, Frances, is a regular-ish runner and she finds that the fresh air combined with cardio exercise really gets her creative juices flowing. So much so, she reckons one of her best client calls just recently followed immediately after a run. It was considered so because she was able to share many ideas with that client and really demonstrate a proactive approach and receive instant buy-in.

So, how can you be creative in your marketing (we’re moving away from design here)?

  1. Reach your audience in a new way – how can you grab their attention that’s different to anything that’s been done before?
  2. Keep your thinking fresh – gather input from your team across all levels of seniority so you get a broad range of ideas that can be explored.
  3. Reinvigorate your sales cycle – keep an eye on your features and benefits and how they might change over time.
  4. Solve challenges with innovative solutions – try and maintain a ‘one step ahead’ mantra.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try new things – marketing and sales is about trial and error so find out what works and what doesn’t.

These are just a few of our thoughts, we’d be delighted to share more with you. As a team of creative thinkers, not just creative designers, we’ll help you find new ways of doing things that will add impact to your marketing campaigns. Contact us to find out how.

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