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Now may not seem like the best time to make changes to your business. There’s a lot of uncertainty. Business may have tailed off. Or maybe you just have to work harder to reach your audience. Now seems like a time for hunkering down and just getting through. Right?

Wrong. Now more than ever, you need every bit of your business to be delivering maximum value – especially your marketing. In fact, outsourcing your marketing can be one of the best ways to boost business performance in tricky times. Here are five reasons why outsourcing your marketing makes sense.

  1. It’s totally flexible
    Outsourced marketing fits around your needs and budget. You can start small and ramp up activity over time. You can choose an affordable flat-fee monthly package, or get help with ad-hoc campaigns. And you can cut back when you need to. It’s a flexible resource – there when you need it, easy to scale back when you don’t.
  2. You can grow your audience
    Yes, you can expand your audience, increase your market share and grow your business during this crisis. In fact, if your competitors have scaled back their marketing efforts, you have a great opportunity to put your brand front and centre.
  3. You get a fresh injection of ideas
    Working with an external marketing provider is great because you get an outsider’s perspective. In other words, your marketing partner will offer up objective opinions, provide insightful strategic input and act as a sounding board for ideas – with none of the usual constraints that come with being entrenched in the business.
  4. You benefit from expert skills
    Let’s take OCTOPUS as an example. OCTOPUS founder Frances has two decades’ senior marketing experience under her belt. Employing someone with that level of strategic marketing expertise in-house would be expensive. Then there’s all the behind-the-scenes creative work that goes into marketing, like web design, graphic design and copywriting. Outsourcing your marketing gives you easy access to all these specialist skills in one place.
  5. It’s cost effective
    Compared to hiring someone in-house (with all the associated costs such as holiday pay and pension contributions), outsourced marketing is extremely cost effective. And because it’s so flexible, you’re only ever paying for what you need.

Looking for an affordable, simple way to outsource your marketing? Chat to OCTOPUS. We’re here to help you connect with your audience and get more out of your marketing.

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