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Networking has been invaluable for our business in recent months, keeping us active on the local (and not so local) business scene. So if you’ve given up hope of networking right now, think again.

Networking? In a pandemic? Really?
Obviously, for the time being, we’re talking about online networking. While traditional, face-to-face networking is generally better for deepening relationships, online video networking events certainly keep those networking wheels oiled – plus, they allow you to reach a far wider audience than face-to-face events. And all in a safe way.

The benefits of networking
OCTOPUS founder Frances has been hosting monthly online Go Networking events throughout lockdown, and has been really impressed at the number of referrals generated. So we’re big fans of networking, online or offline. But don’t take our word for it. Here are five benefits you can enjoy.

  1. Staying up to date. Want to stay in the loop on industry updates? With a vibrant network of contacts, you’ve got constant access to the latest industry intel and best practices – which is especially helpful right now.
  2. Exchanging fresh ideas. Invite interesting new perspectives, see business challenges in a new light, and uncover innovative solutions – your network can be a source of inspiration when you need it most.
  3. Helping each other out. In the current climate, this could not be more important. We’ve found that sharing our experiences and helping contacts (for example, with recommendations and referrals) is hugely rewarding. It’s a great way to build your reputation as a problem-solver, and you never know when you may need help from one of your contacts…
  4. Forming long-lasting relationships. Networking introduces you to like-minded folk with similar goals and interests. So don’t be surprised if people in your network start out as professional contacts but end up becoming firm friends.
  5. Building confidence. Let’s be honest, this whole thing of meeting new people and striking up conversations with strangers doesn’t always come easily. But as any guru will tell you, growth begins where your comfort zone ends. In other words, networking helps you build confidence and soft skills that will serve you and your business well.

Sadly, there’s no sign of us returning to face-to-face networking events anytime soon. But in the meantime, there are plenty of reasons to keep networking online. If you’re looking to grow your network, drop OCTOPUS a line. We’ll add you to our mailing list and keep you posted on our online networking events.

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