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For a customer to fall in love with a brand – and stay loyal to that brand – they first need to understand what the brand has to offer. Therefore, winning the hearts and heads of your audience is all about communication. Yes, you need a well-designed product or service, intelligent pricing, awesome after-sales service and all that jazz. But if a customer doesn’t understand what you do from the first few seconds, it’s game over.

Despite this, many businesses – even very established businesses – still struggle with messaging. If you’re the same, we’ve got you covered. These seven steps will help you confidently communicate what you do, and win over your target audience.

1. Identify your key features
Take a step back and consider your product or service from an outsider’s perspective. Ask yourself, what makes this special, and how does it differ from the competition? You’ll want to identify a few features that make your offering stand out.

2. Find the benefits
For each feature identified, describe how it benefits the customer. Basically, what’s in it for them? How does your offering make the customer’s life better, easier, or maybe even more joyful?

3. Keep it simple. Keep it brief
Don’t waffle or use jargon. Short, snappy messaging is always best.

4. Tailor your messages to your audience
You may have multiple target audiences, and each one may have different priorities. So be sure to adapt your messaging to suit each audience.

5. Use positive language
Your messaging sends subtle signals on what it’s like to do business with your brand – and you want that to come across as a positive, uplifting experience. So focus on what you do (not what you don’t do), and never insult the competition.

6. Be consistent
Think of your favourite song. Chances are it took a few listens before it got stuck in your head. The same is true of marketing messages. To ensure your message gets ‘drummed in’ you’ll need to consistently sing the same tune.

7. Follow up on your promises
Deliver what you say you’re going to, build that trust, and your customers will not only come back for more – they’ll spread the word for you.

Want more help with your messaging? At OCTOPUS, we’ll work with you to identify your key features and benefits, then turn those into clear, compelling messages that connect with your audience. Discover more about our marketing services.

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