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You know how it goes. You’ve called up a prospect, barely introduced yourself and your proposition, and the prospect quickly says something like, ‘Sounds interesting. Why don’t you just send me the details in an email?’ You’ve been rebuffed. Sure, it’s a polite, elegant rebuff, but a rebuff all the same. The conversation is over.

Or is it? Is it possible to turn a hasty ‘Just send me some details’ into a deeper conversation? We believe it is; here’s how we do it.

Ask them what information would help
It might be tempting to fight the old ‘Just send me the details’ routine, but that way lies frustration (for you, and the prospect). Instead, we agree wholeheartedly … but with a quick follow-up question that drills down into the prospect’s needs.

For example, we might say something like, ‘Absolutely! So that I can send you the most relevant information, would you rather hear about creating engaging social media updates, generating more leads through your website, or another marketing challenge?’

Obviously your question would depend on your proposition and the kind of company you’re approaching. Whatever the specifics, the idea is to find out more about the prospect’s business and key challenges so that you can tailor your information accordingly.

Cunning! So what next?
Depending on the prospect’s response, you might be able to use their answer as a springboard to another follow-up question. For example, ‘Social media, got it. Is this something you’re currently managing yourself, or do you outsource your social media management?’

This does two things. First, it gets you more valuable details on the prospect’s business and whether they might need your service. Second, it shows that you’re listening and are genuinely interested in what they have to say; it shows that you want to have a real conversation, not deliver a generic sales pitch at all costs.

This exchange will lead to a lengthier conversation. But even if the prospect is still keen to jump off the call, you’ve learned a bit about them and can now send them the most relevant information for their business. You also have a stronger foundation for your next conversation with them.

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