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In these days of email marketing, social media buzz and viral campaigns, it’s easy to overlook the humble telephone as a lead generation tool. But telesales is a great way to build a robust sales pipeline and unearth exciting opportunities to grow your business.

So here are our top four reasons to pick up the telephone and engage in a good old-fashioned conversation:

  1. You can engage in immediate dialogue to describe your value proposition, react to the response and understand more about your prospects, identifying immediate interest, future interest or no interest (no point ‘flogging a dead horse’!)
  2. You’ll stand out from the crowd who are relying purely on electronic media to communicate their message. If you’re game enough to make a call and continue to nurture conversations, you’ll be remembered when the buying time is right.
  3. Your sales pipeline will increase because of the immediacy of engagement and the opportunity it provides to filter out the good leads from the bad far quicker than any other marketing approach.
  4. You can tailor your message for individuals rather than relying on one memo being fit for all. Even if you have segmented your database, there will be differences in how your messages are received, so you can tweak appropriately as you go.

Having said all that, the reality is that most of us find it awkward to sell ourselves on the phone. That’s why many businesses prefer to outsource their telesales to us. Some of the outputs we’ve achieved through telesales include securing face-to-face and telephone (of course!) meetings, booking product demos, and identifying tender opportunities.

Discover how our telesales service will create exciting new introductions for your business.

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