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Many companies have a go at writing their own copy. When you’re just starting out or operating on a tiny budget, paying a professional copywriter can seem like a needless expense. After all, anyone can string a sentence together, right? How hard can it be to write your own web copy and blog posts?

Presenting your business in its best light
The truth is, it’s not that hard to write your own copy. No one knows your business better, or is as passionate about it as you, so you probably have plenty to say! But writing great copy – copy that ignites interest and inspires the reader to take action – is a whole lot harder.

Anecdotally, clients who can write perfectly well are surprised at the difference a professional copywriter makes. Content becomes more interesting, more polished and more fluid. Key messages are clearer. There’s not a whiff of waffle. Every sentence has a job to do.

A professional copywriter will also make sure your content has a consistent voice, is right for your target audience and is compelling, with direct calls-to-action that link to your services or products.

Remember, your time is money
You might think that writing your own content saves money, but does it really? Say it takes you three hours to write an article, or a couple of days to write the blurb for your new website (and that’s without the dreaded writer’s block), is that the best use of your time? Wouldn’t you rather be generating new business or building client relationships?

A professional copywriter spends all day every day writing, so they’re much more efficient – what might take you a few hours could be done in half the time by a pro. Not only could your copy be delivered faster, it frees up your time for other, more valuable tasks.

Whether it’s a new website, a one-off white paper, or regular articles, outsourcing your copywriting projects to OCTOPUS makes good business sense. Talk to us about our affordable content writing service today.

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