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At this time of year, many companies are starting a new financial year. As such, many are reviewing past performance, and looking for ways to enhance the performance of their teams over the coming financial year. If that sounds like your company, have you considered organising an away day for your people? A one-day teambuilding event is a great way to inject some energy and excitement into the business.

Why one day away from the office can deliver lasting benefits for your team
Teambuilding events can be a surprisingly powerful way to improve the performance of teams and individuals. Here’s why:

  • Getting away from the everyday business environment gives people a chance to reflect – potentially sparking exciting new business ideas.
  • Treating your team to an enjoyable away day shows that you recognise and value the contribution they make to the business – and this can be particularly important when everyone’s been working their socks off in the run-up to year-end.
  • Fun teambuilding activities provide an opportunity for your people to bond and develop stronger working relationships – and what business wouldn’t benefit from having more unified, collaborative teams?

What sort of away day is best for your people?
We’ve got many years’ experience in delivering memorable teambuilding events, and we firmly believe an away day should involve a break from the everyday routine of being indoors, sitting around a table and looking at screens. In other words, an off-site strategy session in the local hotel conference room really doesn’t count as an away day!

Particularly if you’re looking to strengthen relationships and build team unity, your away day should involve getting the team out and about, in an unfamiliar environment, perhaps solving entertaining challenges together. The teambuilding activities can take all sorts of forms, from physical obstacles to quizzes and games – so long as it’s something that gets people working together and enjoying themselves.

Planning your perfect away day
Even if you’re not starting a new financial year, your team will still benefit from the opportunity to get away from the workplace, bond, and have a little fun together. Tell OCTOPUS what you’d like to achieve with your company away day, and we’ll arrange the perfect event for your team. All you’ll need to bring is the enthusiasm…

Let’s talk about your project

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