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A healthy, robust sales pipeline is essential for growing your business. But, as any established business knows, maintaining that momentum and focus on future prospects – especially when everyday business activity absorbs so much time – can be a real challenge.

One of our clients, a logistics provider with a proud 30-year history, asked us to help them beef up their sales pipeline and inject a bit of oomph into their sales activity. Here’s how we helped…

What was the goal?
For the busy sales manager, finding the time to contact prospects and set up meetings was proving tricky. She needed practical support to get her out on the road, meeting new prospects and growing the sales pipeline.

What was the plan of action?
After agreeing the client’s priorities, the OCTOPUS team planned and delivered a targeted sales campaign to identify leads and secure the sales manager a series of meetings with new prospects. Our campaign included:

  • LinkedIn outreach to promote the company’s high level of expertise and long history of delivering outstanding service
  • Sending sales emails to priority prospects to engage them with our client’s brand
  • Making sales calls to prospects to start a more direct conversation
  • Responding to emails and following up on phone calls to get those meetings in the diary

So, how did we do?
Because we already knew the client inside out, and had a strong idea of the type of prospects they wanted to attract, we were able to really focus our activity and deliver some exciting meetings. As a result of our LinkedIn outreach, email campaign and sales calls, we were able to secure the sales manager some fantastic meetings with brands such as Del Monte, Jiffy and Carillion Communications.

If your sales pipeline could do with a boost, talk to OCTOPUS. We’ll work with you to attract exciting new prospects and achieve the results you want.

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