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Chances are you know that blogging is good for business. But is your business blog really living up to its full potential – or are you falling foul of some major blogging blunders?

Here are five business blog errors that we see on a regular basis. All of them are easy traps to fall into – but, on the flip side, all can be easily avoided, if you follow our tips below:

  1. Posting irregular updates
    Look, we’re not saying you need to post every day for your blog to be successful. But you do need to be consistent. Posting six articles one month in a fit of enthusiasm, then posting nothing the next month makes your website look unloved. The solution? Blogging once a week or once a fortnight is a realistic, achievable way to keep up momentum.
  2. Not engaging your audience
    Let’s be honest, far too many business blogs are about as interesting as watching paint dry. Some are just plain dull, while others get too technical or detailed. The result is the same: readers get bored and wander off to read something better. The solution? For most blog audiences, even in the B2B sector, it’s best to keep it brief, light and interesting. Remember, professional isn’t the same as boring!
  3. Not showing the company’s personality
    Your business blog doesn’t have to be a kooky, laugh-a-minute escapade (that might be entirely wrong for your target audience), but it should absolutely demonstrate the company’s personality. The solution? Write from the heart and give readers a genuine sense of what it’s like to do business with you.
  4. Skipping ‘calls-to-action’
    Your blog is like a shop window. If you’re not using it to entice readers through the front door, you’re missing a trick. The solution? Make sure every post relates in a subtle way to your products or services, and include a specific call-to-action that encourages readers to get in touch, book a consultation, or something similar.
  5. Being too ‘hard sell’
    Notice the word ‘subtle’ in that last paragraph? That’s a key word. A business blog that’s just ‘sell, sell, sell’ will send even the most loyal readers running. The solution? Give readers a reason to stick around, by offering them value. This might involve giving practical advice, helping them solve a particular problem, or inspiring them in some way.

If you want to avoid these business blog pitfalls, talk to OCTOPUS. We’ll create a lively, interesting stream of articles, that’s perfectly tailored to your target audience.

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