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If your company website doesn’t include a regularly updated blog, are you missing out on important marketing opportunities? Most marketing professionals would answer that with a firm ‘yes’; 55% of marketers say blogging is their top priority for inbound marketing (source: HubSpot, 2018). In other words, if you want to draw customers to your business – and, really, what company doesn’t? – you need to start blogging.

Still not convinced? Here are just a few ways blogging can benefit your business.

  1. It’s good for SEO and traffic. By updating your website with regular blog posts or articles, you stand a much better chance of getting found online. Why? Because websites perform better in search engines when they provide a regularly updated stream of fresh, valuable content. (‘Valuable’ meaning genuinely useful content, not meaningless SEO copy that immediately turns readers off.) For many businesses, blogging is a realistic, affordable way to achieve this stream of fresh content.
  2. It increases your reach. People love to help others in their network by sharing content that they found useful or thought provoking. Therefore, when you share well-written, interesting and useful articles on social media, it gives your followers something they can easily share with their own contacts. This can introduce your business to a whole new audience.
  3. It’s great for building relationships. With a blog, you can engage your audience with company updates, share informative content, and maybe even make life easier for your customers and potential customers. (Helping readers to solve a particular problem or learn a new skill is a common blog strategy.) All of this is great for deepening your connection with your audience and establishing your business as a go-to resource.
  4. It demonstrates your company’s personality and values. For example, let’s say your business prides itself on being vibrant and innovative. You can repeat this over and over again on your website like a broken record, or you can show it, by publishing fun, imaginative blog posts that bring your company to life. Which do you think your readers would prefer?

Maintaining a regular, interesting business blog can be hard work, which is why many companies choose to outsource their blog scheduling, writing and publishing to OCTOPUS. Discover how our copywriting service could help you connect with your target audience.

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