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For a high street business, the shop window is often the first thing potential customers see; its job is to stop passers-by in their tracks and draw them through the door. Your website should do something similar.

What makes a good shop window?
Imagine you’re walking down the high street. There’s no time for window shopping, yet … you can’t help pausing at one window. Yes, you think, that lamp (or shirt, hat, whatever) is just what I need. Even though you a) have to be back at the office, b) still haven’t been to the Post Office, and c) urgently need a large latte, you venture inside the shop. What was it that made you stop and go inside?

A good shop window:

  • Gives a taste of the company’s products (or services) – just enough of a taste that the customer wants to know more.
  • Shows the business’s unique personality and target audience – for example, is it aimed at affluent yoga addicts or teens who love streetwear?
  • Is regularly updated.
  • Is clean, attractive and well laid out. It says, we care about what we do.

Just as you wouldn’t walk into a shop with dirty windows and a haphazard pile of disparate products all covered in cobwebs, website visitors don’t hang around when they see a tatty, tired and cluttered website.

How to ‘dress’ your website for success
Here are our top tips for translating the art of window dressing into your company website:

  • Keep it attractivegood design matters to customers, and most will choose a company that’s invested in a well-designed website over one that’s scrimped on design.
  • Make sure it’s relevant to your audience – it’s vital the customer immediately ‘connects’ with the business, and understands how it will benefit them.
  • Don’t fill it with too much content – a cluttered website only puts visitors off. Remember, less is more.
  • Update your website regularly – publishing fresh content (such as blog posts) not only helps your search rankings, it also shows off your expertise.
  • Add a compelling call-to-action – you want to entice people to take the next step in the customer journey, whether that’s booking an appointment, filling out an enquiry form or downloading your latest e-book.

To turn your website into the best shop window on the high street, talk to OCTOPUS. Together, we’ll create a website that converts casual passers-by into valuable customers.

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