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Every business evolves over time. But has your brand evolved in line with your business? If it’s been a while since you last reviewed your brand, this article is for you. Because your brand might not be presenting the most up-to-date reflection of who you are as a business and what you stand for. It could even be turning people off. Which is exactly why you need to review, and potentially refresh, your brand.

What does this involve?
In essence, evolving your brand is about making sure your brand stays current and relevant – current in terms of your business outlook (vision and mission, for example), and relevant to your customers. In practice, this might involve modernising your logo, for example, or tweaking your tagline to reflect a shift in focus. It could also involve updating the images on your website to be more modern, or zhuzhing your printed marketing materials.

As an example, check out this logo refresh we did for Car Spares Factors. This is an amazing modern business, with streamlined operations and a super-focused team. We love working with them. But their previous logo was dated and didn’t do the business justice at all. We had our designers work their magic and now the CSF brand matches the company’s modern outlook. A simple evolution like this can not only make your business more attractive to new customers, it also shows existing customers that your business hasn’t grown stale.

Here is the work we did for CSF – the before…


…and after:

CSF Logo Final PNG

How not to refresh your brand
To be clear, we’re not talking about updating your logo every year (which would only weaken brand awareness). Nor are we talking about completely overhauling your brand when it’s not necessary. You may just need some small tweaks or updates to ensure your brand remains in tune with your business. That’s why we like to talk about ‘evolving’ or ‘refreshing’ your brand. Sometimes it’s like a spa day for your brand, as opposed to major surgery (although we can do that too!)

So where should you start?
The best place to start is by reviewing your current brand to see what’s working and what isn’t so relevant anymore. Don’t be intimidated by this process. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your brand current. It could be as simple as a logo refresh.

Need help reviewing your brand? Ask OCTOPUS to take a look. We’ll work with you to assess your brand and ensure it perfectly reflects your business.

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