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Outsourcing your marketing isn’t just a convenience – it’s a savvy move for your business. Let’s explore the five biggest reasons why companies choose to outsource their marketing, and see how those reasons might apply to your business.

Reason #1 – You’ll probably save money
Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Hiring an external marketing agency or freelancer could be cheaper than keeping it in-house? But consider that the national average salary for a marketing executive is around £33,000 (plus benefits, national insurance contributions, and pension contributions). It’s easy to see how the cost of hiring even a relatively junior marketer adds up. Now imagine spending a fraction of that cost to access external expertise, often at a much more senior level. At OCTOPUS, for example, you benefit from director-level marketing expertise, without the whopping salary.

Reason #2 – You can tap into more creativity
Without an external perspective, ideas can grow stale. As outsiders, we give you a fresh outlook and injection of new thinking. So if you want to escape the ‘This is how we’ve always done things’ mentality or get out of a creative rut, outsourcing your marketing could be a great fit.

Reason #3 – You can do more
Want to level up your marketing, attract new audiences, and grow your reach? Outsourcing is the answer. Even businesses with in-house marketing teams can benefit in this way – perhaps when their in-house team has their hands full, or simply doesn’t have the expertise to take marketing to the next level.

Reason #4 – You can dip in and out for specific projects
Outsourced marketing can involve a monthly commitment, but it doesn’t have to. Sometimes, you may just need a little extra help to deploy a specific project or campaign. In which case, a marketing agency will be able to take your project from brief to execution. It’s a great option for businesses that need a more flexible approach.

Reason #5 – You may not be able to hire in-house support
Even if you are looking to hire a marketer or build an in-house marketing team, the truth is it’s hard to recruit right now. It’s a candidate-driven market, which means jobseekers have their pick of positions. As a result, many companies are finding it hard to recruit. If you’re in the same boat, outsourced marketing can be a brilliant way to bridge the gap.

Want to know more about outsourcing your marketing? Let’s have a friendly chat. Together, we’ll explore how OCTOPUS can add value to your business.

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