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Have you noticed the OCTOPUS website and brand has had a facelift? (It’s beautiful, even if we do say so ourselves!) We thought this was the perfect opportunity to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse – a quick delve into why we decided to refresh our brand, and what we chose to change. Because you might be having similar thoughts about your own brand…

So what’s changed?
The first thing you’ll notice about our new site is that it’s really stripped back. Much as we loved our old website, it had grown over the years to become a big site, full of content. The new site, structured as a simple one-pager, is easier on the eye, easier to navigate and much more focused. There are fewer words. There are more images to show off our client work. The whole look and feel is more modern, casual and approachable – a better reflection of what it’s really like to work with us.

Why we chose this direction
We work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. People who are energised and agile. People who are looking for real oomph from their marketing. We wanted our brand to reflect that oomph in a fun, friendly way. As such, our refreshed brand is less corporate than many of our marketing peers – and that’s a deliberate reflection of our brand personality.

What’s more, this stripped-back site is a better way to highlight our core message: that we’re a tactical marketing partner who gets the job done. We love being at the frontend of marketing, running campaigns and driving our clients’ businesses forward. The new site delivers that message loud and clear. No noise, no fuss, no marketing jargon. Exactly what you can expect when you work with us.

Could your brand benefit from a similar refresh?
There are lots of reasons to consider a brand refresh. In our case, we wanted to maintain our audience appeal with a fresh new look – and, at the same time, deliver a more focused message.

Perhaps your brand could benefit from a similar makeover, designed to keep your brand current. Or maybe you’ve updated your products/services and would like your brand to reflect those changes. Or maybe your company’s vision and strategy has evolved, in which case it’s vital that your brand evolves too.

Whatever the reason, OCTOPUS can work with you to refresh your brand. Contact us to discover more.

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