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Whatever your field of expertise, there are probably some common misconceptions around what you do. The same is true of marketing.

When we were recently chatting with one of our business peers, we mentioned that one of our local networking groups was attended by a designer, copywriter, web developer and other creatives. ‘But aren’t they competitors of yours?’ he asked. Absolutely not! They are specialists in their own right – and although their work feeds into marketing activity, there’s a clear distinction.

What creative specialists do (and don’t do)
Say, for example, that you commission a copywriter to write an article on a given topic. The copywriter will go away and research that topic, and write the article to your specifications (including target audience and call-to-action at the end). Then the copywriter will deliver the finished article, and that’s it, their work is done. So who is going to publish the article, share it on various channels (website, social media, LinkedIn, newsletter, etc.), and generally maximise its exposure? A marketer, that’s who.

Likewise, a graphic designer may design a gorgeous glossy brochure for you, but who will get that brochure in front of your target audience? That’s up to marketing. Similarly, a web designer may build you a stylish, responsive website, but they won’t drive customers to the site. Guess who will…

This is where marketing comes in
Marketing brings together the relevant creative specialists – which is great if you don’t have your own creative connections – to deliver a project or campaign according to a determined strategy. That last bit is crucial because marketing is all about driving your business forward and achieving your goals. So we’ll connect the right people for the task, oversee the project and deliver the campaign in line with your objectives.

Marketing will also help you leverage your content in the best way possible – for example, we might suggest repurposing an article into a client presentation, email campaign, infographic or free download. This way, you get maximum value for money.

Here at OCTOPUS, we collaborate with talented creatives across copywriting, graphic design and web development to achieve your marketing goals. We like to think of it this way: our creative specialists provide the amazing raw ingredients, while we’re the recipe developer and cook, combining those ingredients to create something special for you. Chat to us about outsourcing your marketing today.

(Business photo created by peoplecreations – www.freepik.com)

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